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Company:Zhejiang Hongyao
Lighting Electrical Co.,Ltd
Address: No.209,Dayang Shennan Rd,Linhai,Zhejiang province,China

  About Us  

About Hongyao:Created in the 2001 .Hongyao has grown from a fluorescent lamp factory into a leading LED Lighting fixtures manufacturer,with 322,000 Square Foot facilities in Taizhou.China.
Despite the global market challenges in the early days with the dynamic evolution of LEDJt was this determination that created the foundations of Hongyao and today drives an expansive team's dedication for excellence in customer service and product innovation.  
At Hongyao we are always thinking about how we can enhance our customers lighting experience and strongly believe our success is measured by our customers is the continual drive for achievements better than yesterday,that challenges our team to listenjearn and deliver valuable business outcomes for our customers.
With strong back ground foundations,the exciting Hongyao journey continues by exploring technology that improves our quality of life and acknowledges our social responsibility in reducing our global carbon emission,through the creation of innovative Smart Lighting controls and energy efficient lighting solutions.
 As a standing member of Commodity Market Committee,CGCC,we accept the stewardship of quality and compliance that the membership demands and so on,we invest significantly in both local and international engineering and design resources,to ensure our products are compliant with all mandatory standards certified as ETL,UL,DLC and are reliable for our customers.
Vision:Hongyao's vision is to provide affordable,high performance and professionally designed product for lighting solutions that customers can rely on.
Core Values:Through integrity,respect,and accountability Hongyao creates relationships that last.

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Address: No.209,Dayang Shennan Rd.,Linhai,Zhejiang province,China
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